Description: A French Breed, the Ariegeois is usually not seen outside of France. Used for hunting of rabbit, hare and fox. The Ariegeois has a narrow head with a slightly convex noise ridge, and long low set ears with a noble expression.  Medium in size they have a muscular wide, deep chest.

Other Names: Ariegois

Type: Scenthound

Height: 21″ – 24″
Weight: 55 – 60 lbs

Colors: White with large black patches.
Short, smooth, fine, close hairs.

Temperament: Friendly and affection with their owners. Even tempered, hard working, energetic, free-spirited.
With Children: Usually will get along well with most people.
With Pets: Will get along with other dogs.

Special Needs: Active owner.

Living Environment: Rural or suburban home.

Country of Origin: France
From the region of Ariege, the Ariegeois was first recognized as a breed in 1912. Their ancestors include the Bleu de Gascogne, the Gascon Saintongeois and local hounds.

Registries: FCI Group 6


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