Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound

The AKC Standard says, “Lithe and racy, the Ibizan possesses a deerlike elegance combined with the power of a hunter.”

Once past the boisterous puppy stage, the sleek Ibizan Hound is quiet, gentle, and relaxed indoors and can be a couch potato.

However, true to his heritage, he is also a swift and athletic dog who needs running exercise in a safe, enclosed area.

He loves to leap, and he is incredibly graceful and light on his feet, without equal as a high-jumper and broad-jumper. Fences must be at least six feet high – the top of the refrigerator is not out of his reach.

Polite but watchful with strangers, the Ibizan Hound does need early and extensive socialization to develop a confident, outgoing personality. Most are effective watchdogs and some have protective instincts, which is unusual for a sighthound.

“Beezers” are good with other dogs, but likely to pursue (and catch!) smaller pets.

The Ibizan Hound learns quickly and enjoys activities such as obedience and agility (when they are made interesting and challenging), but he is a freethinker who doesn’t obey mindlessly. He must be handled calmly and persuasively and motivated with food and praise, for he is sensitive to sharp corrections.

Sighthounds can be touch-sensitive, startling when touched unexpectedly or wrapped up in someone’s arms. A verbal correction is more effective than a physical one, because it is less upsetting and distracting to the dog.

If you want a dog who…

  • Has a tall, slender, elegant build
  • Has a sleek easy-care coat
  • Is extremely athletic and graceful — can run swiftly and jump great heights
  • Is polite with strangers, but makes a keener watchdog than other sighthounds
  • Responds better to training than some other sighthounds

An Ibizan Hound may be right for you.

If you don’t want to deal with…

  • Providing a large enough enclosed area (with a 6-foot fence) where he can gallop a couple of times a day
  • Timidity in some lines, or when not socialized enough
  • Strong instincts to chase smaller creatures that run
  • An independent “what’s in it for me?” attitude toward training
  • Emotional sensitivity to stress and abrupt changes in schedule

An Ibizan Hound may not be right for you.

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