10 Most Adorable Dog Breeds

10 Most Adorable Dog Breeds

07 – Pomeranian

Named after the Pomerania region in Europe (today between Germany and Poland), this dog breed was much appreciated by Queen Victoria. Their toy-like appearance makes everyone love them. They are very friendly and lively, but sometimes they become aggressive towards other dogs. This breed is quite easy to train and they know how to get what they want from their master.

06 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This breed is classified as a toy dog and it is one of the most popular breeds in the United Kingdom, where it originates from. These dogs are highly affectionate, patient and eager to please. They love socializing with other dogs, no matter how big they are.

05 – Saint Bernard

Although they are very large, Saint Bernards are very kind and patient with people, especially with kids. However, due to their size, that can reach up to 120-140 kg, it is important to train them while they are still puppies. When they are small, they are really adorable and energetic and when they grow up they’re gonna be your loyal friends.

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