10 Most Adorable Dog Breeds

10 Most Adorable Dog Breeds

04 – Basset Hound

These short-legged cuties with pendulous ears would melt anyone’s heart. They have a hanging skin structure, that make them look a bit sad. This particular feature gives them some extra charm. They are a quite vocal breed, but they are also very kind and playful.

03 – Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies are tiny and cute, but they feel very important. What they love the most is being the centre of attention. They are overprotective and they actually don’t realise how small they are. Often, they try to attack dogs that are 10 times their size.

02 – Pug

Pugs are one of the funniest breeds due to their facial features and unique temperament. They are quite lazy and they love naps. In fact, they love chilling so much, that they often become obese. This is why they need a proper diet and regular physical activity.

01 – Bichon Maltese

These cuties are extremely friendly and energetic. Their white soft fur and their big black eyes make them one of the most loved breeds in the world. They are clever and easy to train and their life expectancy is quite high. Bichons are definitely perfect companions.

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